White Masterbatches

Polymaid®️ offers a wide range of PolyVite®️ White Masterbatches with applications from simple injection molding to multi-layer film with a concentration ranging from 30%  to 70% titanium dioxide to accommodate your requirements and extensive range of applications. Polymaid®️  White Masterbatches widely used by the Plastic industry due to excellent whiteness and brightness it brings to the product. Our white masterbatch is carefully composed of titanium dioxide of size 0.19 - 0.22 micron yielding a high refractive index and tinting strength. 

Benefits of Polymaid PolyVite®️ White Masterbatch

♦ Enhances High Gloss and Smooth FinishManufactured with various Base Carriers
♦ Excellent for high speed machines, Multi-Layer films
♦ High Opacity
♦ High Quality PolyVite®️ Masterbatch at a Low Cost
♦ Superior for Injection and Blow Molding, Cast, Blown, and Extrusion Coating Films.
♦ Food Grade Available
♦ Excellent Dispersion

Common Applications of Polymaid PolyVite®️ White Masterbatch

GradeTiOLoadingBest Suited Application
PVite3030%General Purpose PE Films
PVite4040%Blow Molded Items
PVite5050%Suitable for Thick film, Injection, Blow & Roto Molding
PVite6060%HD films & Blow Molding
PVite7070%Injection Molding & Tape Extrusion
PVite70 Plus>70%Thin Films & Blow Molding