Talc Filled

Calcium Filled
Talc Filled

Our Talc Filled masterbatches are specially formulated by compounding blended polyolefins with micronized talc compounding extrusion facility housing state of the art technology.  

The use of Talcum as a nucleating agent in polymer thus increasing the crystallization of the product thereby increasing crystallization levels. With Talcum the heat related degradation temperature increases which allows the product to resist softening during high processing temperatures. Another reason why Talcum fillers are in such high demand is because in comparison to polymers, this masterbatch has a much higher thermal conductivity which insures faster and equal distribution of heat during production which in turn increases manufacturing efficiency. 

Common Applications of Polymaid®️ Talcum Filler Masterbatch

♦ Blow molding
♦ Injection molding
Raffia Tape & Jumbo Bags (White & colored woven fabrics)
Sheet Extrusion
PP / PP Blown film
PE / PP Blown Film
PP packing strap

Benefits of Polymaid®️ Talcum Filler Masterbatch

♦ Reduction in Product Cost
♦ Enhanced Transparency and Brightness
Decreases Dullness
Cost Effective
Increases Productivity and Performance
Allows high loading with superior bonding properties
Increases loading upto 25%
Superior high gloss, transparency, stiffness, and printability.