Special Effect Masterbatches

Polymaid®️ special effect masterbatches are used to significantly enhance the visual effects of consumer products. Polymaid®️ offers a wide range of special effect masterbatches which allows manufacturers to produce products with a spectacular finish. 

 Our Range of Special Effect Masterbatches

  1. Pearlescent Masterbatch
  2. Fluorescent Masterbatch
  3. Transparent Masterbatch
  4. Photochromic Masterbatch
  5. Phosphorescent Masterbatch
  6. Iridescent Masterbatch
  7. Thermochromic Masterbatch
  8. Metallic Masterbatch
  9. Sparkle Effect Masterbatch
  10.  Diamond Effect Masterbatch
  11.  Crystal Effect Masterbatch
  12.  Granite Masterbatch