Quality Control & Infrastructure

At Polymaid™, quality is priority, we understand the importance of quality and how greatly it can impact our client’s end product as we are also heavily involved in injection molding, extrusion, plastic film, and geomembrane liner manufacturing. 

Unlike some masterbatch manufacturers who solely manufacture to supply, we not only have extensive in-house use at our three plastics manufacturing facilities operating processes such as injection molding, extrusion, and blown film. We are a global exporter of custom masterbatches that fit your needs and requirements at a price far below what you are paying today. Our parent company, USA Lining Inc., is greatly involved in offshore contract Injection molding  for clients around the world such as international Houseware brands, Sports Brands, Automotive, as well as entrepreneurs. Our sister brand, Shahzada Industries, is the oldest and largest manufacturer of Geomembrane liner and Geocomposites in the entire nation of Pakistan, uses Carbon Black manufactured and supplied by Polymaid™. We take great pride in manufacturing and supplying quality masterbatches, respected around the world.

Our keen focus on quality has led to aggressive reinvestment in the development of our Quality Testing Analytical Laboratory, which houses the latest technology to ensure production and supply of consistent high quality masterbatch. Our state-of-the-art laboratory has unmatched capability allowing us to increase precision and quality while decreasing deviation from premium standard.