Color Masterbatches

Color Masterbatches, also known as color concentrates, are used in many manufacturing processes for the purpose of coloring polymers and enhancing the final product. The benefits of Color Masterbatches comes from a combination of performance, cleanliness, shelf life, ease of storage and use while its cost-effectiveness gives these plastic colorants significant advantages over pre-colored resins compounds, liquid color and raw pigments in most plastic applications. Our collection of Color Masterbatches is available in different varieties of shades and tones to ensure that meet all of our clients' requirements. Our Color Masterbatches, composed of high-grade pigments, provide thermal stability and consistency with make them a perfect choice for plastic products. We are capable of developing custom colors that are an exact match with your project needs.

Companies around the world are seeking new ways to increase the output of their extrusion lines while letting quality be subject to compromise but at Polymaid®️ we strive for excellence with  consistent high quality pigment dispersion. Our laser focus on quality pigment and dispersion is our in depth understanding that dispersion is crucial to the enhancement of strength, brilliance, clarity, and hue of the pigment. In Masterbatches it is crucial to provide consistent high quality and reliability, which is ensured by our Quality Control Team (QCT) using State of the Art Spectrophotometers for excellent results every single time.

Our color Masterbatches are used extensively in industrial applications and processes such as manufacturing of mono/multilayer film, Woven Sacks, Injection molding, rotational molding (roto molding), Pipes & fittings, wires, and cables. We can also provide custom food and toy grade Masterbatches.

Benefits of Polymaid®️ Color Masterbatches

♦ Enhances appearance and Serviceability
♦ Excellent Color Dispersion and Processability
♦ Superior High Color Strength
♦ High Quality at a Low Cost
♦ Extreme Quality control Measures using State of the Art Spectrophotometers.
♦ Lead and Heavy Metal Free (ROHS)
♦ Custom Color Masterbatches for applications including bottles, caps, housewares, etc.

Common Applications of Polymaid®️ Color Masterbatches

♦ Blow Molding bottles for cosmetics, detergents, lubricants, large containers, jerry cans, etc.
♦ Injection/Blow/Roto Molding : Household items, industrial moldings, bottle caps, garden furniture, flower pots, etc.
♦ Extrusion pipe, profiles, sheets, thermoforming, etc.
♦ Wires, Cable, and sheathing.
♦ General Purpose Housewares
♦ Film & Tapes carrier and garbage bags, woven sacks, ropes, strapped bands.
♦ Manufacturing of yarns for carpets