Calcium Filled

Calcium Filled
Talc Filled

Our companies innovative nature led to the development of our High Quality at low cost Calcium Filler Masterbatch which is designed specifically with ultra fine and coated Calcium Carbonate to provide cost effective loading in many processes including blow molding, injection molding, Mono-Layer Films, and raffia tapes and straps. Filler masterbatch is filtered at precise time with a specific filter mesh at a highly controlled temperature to reduce chalking and water carrying problems and to achieve full dispersion. 

Common Applications of Polymaid®️ Calcium Filler Masterbatch

♦ Blow Molding
Injection Molding
Raffia Tape & Jumbo Bags
Sheet Extrusion
PP / HDPE Flat Yarn and strapping
Poly Bags
Non Woven Fabric 

Benefits of Polymaid®️ Calcium Filler Masterbatch

Cost effective, decreases raw material cost and production overheads.
Homogeneous distribution of heat to the dough thus increasing production capacity.
Enhances the printing process of film
Creating a more rigid structure by significantly increasing tensile strength while taking away the ductility   away.
Improved Dimensional integrity
Lessens molding shrinkage, high degradation temperature under load, high impact resistance, better surface characteristics.
Enhanced production efficiency by increasing thermal conductivity and decreasing cooling times,
Reduced need for white colorant agent
Food Grade available